Death Racing

Death Racing 1.01

Driving with reckless abandon


  • Easy to play
  • Replayability


  • Can get repetitive


Death Racing is a distance-based racing game.

You are given various objectives to complete before each run and then set off to try and drive as far as possible through traffic. It is an easy game to learn to play. Using the accelerometer in the device and the touchscreen for gas and brake, you speed through traffic collecting coins to unlock new cars.

Other cars on the road can change their speed or change lanes, so you have to keep watch on what you are doing as you tilt the device. Death Racing is not that challenging in the beginning, but quickly becomes a quick reflex experience.

The simplicity of Death Racing is great for quick play sessions and adds a lot of replayability, but the game is not that deep with content other than starting a new run and trying to increase your score.

Death Racing is a simple, but fun racing game on Android.

Death Racing


Death Racing 1.01

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